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Nordic Pine exercise director visited the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence

[Vilnius, Lithuania] – Mr. Freddy Jönsson Hanberg, the Exercise Director for the NATO exercise, embarked on a significant visit to the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania, today. The purpose of the visit was to deepen Mr. Jönsson Hanberg’s understanding of the Centre of Excellence and explore potential collaborative opportunities.

During his visit, Mr. Jönsson Hanberg engaged in discussions and interactive sessions to gain insights into the critical work undertaken by the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence. The center’s role in addressing energy security challenges within the NATO framework was a focal point of the discussions, shedding light on the vital role it plays in enhancing the alliance’s resilience and security.

One of the most notable findings from Mr. Jönsson Hanberg’s visit was the discovery that the NATO exercise “Coherent Resilience” shares commonalities with the NATO exercise “Nordic Pine”. This revelation underscores the interconnectedness of NATO’s strategic initiatives and highlights the synergy between different components of the alliance’s exercises.

The meeting between Mr. Jönsson Hanberg and the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence proved to be exceptionally fruitful and enlightening. The shared understanding achieved during the discussions laid the groundwork for continued collaboration and cooperation throughout the upcoming year.

Expressing satisfaction with the outcomes of the visit, Mr. Jönsson Hanberg emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration among NATO entities. “The NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence plays a crucial role in bolstering our collective resilience. Recognizing the similarities between ‘Coherent Resilience’ exercises is a testament to the coherence of NATO’s strategic vision. I look forward to further developing our cooperation in 2024 for the greater benefit of the alliance,” stated Mr. Hanberg.

As NATO continues to adapt to evolving security challenges, the collaborative efforts between the Exercise Director and the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence mark a significant step towards strengthening the alliance’s capabilities and resilience.